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Markets for Christian Writers

Writers who have never sold their poetry or other writing may be unfamiliar with the term "markets." By our definition a market is simply a publisher who accepts submissions from writers. Some markets are "paying markets" and others offer no payment.

Although Utmost Christian Writers concerns itself mainly with offering support to poets, we also have an extensive list of markets for other Christian writers—those who write fiction, non-fiction, personal experience articles, essays, etc.

Please Be Courteous

Most markets (publishers) are eager to hear from skilled writers who do diligent research before submitting material, but unsuitable material wastes the writer's time, the publisher's time, and alienates publishers.

When you consider submitting work to a publisher, please be courteous and try to determine if your writing is suitable for that particular publisher.

The menus above give you access to valuable listings of markets for Christian writers.

If you are aware of a market for Christian writers that is not in our directory, please write and let us know.