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Writers Guidelines for Poetry Book Reviews

Please Follow Our Guidelines

We are looking for book reviews of poetry books only. For now we will not consider reviews of non-poetry books or books of literary criticism.

Any poetry book reviewed must be written by a Christian poet. If the poet is not identified clearly as a Christian (by biographical outline, testimony or reputation, for instance), then the poems in the book reviewed must make it evident—by content, voice or otherwise—that they are the work of a Christian believer. While we try not to measure theological or doctrinal points, reviews of works that are offensive or contrary to plain Christian teaching will not be published.

Book reviews must provide the title, author, publisher, place, price, date of publication and ISBN. We are interested in literary quality, and book reviews should reference this aspect of the poetry. Reviewers should not be shy of the "Christian" aspect of the work. How is the faith of the poet communicated through the poetry? Reviewers should offer a balanced review which takes into account both the positive and negative attributes of the work.

We strongly advise reviewers to pose challenges to the work, how it might have been better, in what ways the poet has failed, etc.

Please include samples of the work in your review. You can do this without violating copyright under the "fair use" provisions of copyright law. In other words, don't use an entire poem in your article, but it's fair to use samples (4 – 6 lines) from several poems, provided you are commenting on them. For an excellent guide as to how to write a book review look here.

If a book is not available for order (on-line or otherwise) please do not send us the review.

Book Reviews we do not require

We are not seeking scholarly or exhaustive analysis. While we seek intelligent and thoughtful reviews, a hallmark of Utmost is the easy accessibility of our articles. If you use technical terms in your review, please explain them or provide links to resources that will help the reader understand what you mean.

We do not want reviews that are promotional, works that endorse the work without reviewing it in the proper sense.

Length and format

Reviews submitted to Utmost Christian Writers should be between 300 and 1000 words, and must be submitted using the link at the bottom of this page.

Submit your book review

We receive approximately 6,000 visitors each month. This is your opportunity to share your book review with the world.

By submitting your book review to Utmost Christian Writers Foundation you affirm that you are in full agreement with our legal contract. Click link below to submit your review.

* Submission Link *

Please allow 4 – 8 weeks for a response. If your work is accepted we will request your postal mailing address so that we can send your payment.