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Writers Guidelines for Poetry Gallery

Please Follow Our Guidelines

We encourage Christian poets to read our guidelines below and peruse the poetry published in our archives prior to submitting material.

If you complete these steps and strongly feel that your material is appropriate for us, we encourage you to submit it.

Please use the submission link at the bottom of this page to submit poetry. If you fail to follow this instruction it's possible your submission will be lost and not be read by us.

Examples of poetry we appreciate

Aside from work already published at Utmost, here are links to poetry written by Christians and published elsewhere. Please visit the following links and read the work posted there:

(Jeanne Murray Walker)

(Jennifer Reeser)

*The links to the poets' works above do not imply those poets' endorsement of Utmost Christian Writers Foundation.

Utmost pays poets US$12 per poem

We regret that our payments are so small.

We publish poetry by Christians only

Poetry in the Gallery must be written by Christians. We that you read the following paragraph which gives a rough outline of what we mean by "Christian." If you cannot agree to the paragraph in its entirety, please do not submit your poetry to the Gallery.

I believe Jesus Christ is the only Savior sent by God to atone for the sins of the world. I believe Jesus rose from the dead and lives today, bringing believers into eternal life and right relationship with God. I have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus' life for my personal sins, and I am attempting to live as Jesus Christ taught that I should.

If you are Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or any other identifiable religion that does not put forth that Jesus Christ is the sole personal Savior, the only way to be reconciled to God, then you are not a Christian for the purposes of this Gallery. If you are an agnostic or atheist you are also not a Christian for the purposes the Gallery. I mean no disrespect to you or your faith, which you are absolutely entitled to practice freely as you wish.

Length, format and content

Poetry must be submitted using the email link below.
Poetry submitted can be no longer than 80 lines.
Do not submit more than 2 poems.
Poetry may be rhyming or free verse.
Poetry must be unpublished.
Poetry need not be religious in content.

Submit your poetry

We receive approximately 5,000 to 8,000 visitors each month. This is your opportunity to share your poetry with the world.

By submitting your poetry to Utmost Christian Writers Foundation you affirm that you are in full agreement with our legal contract. Click link below to submit your poetry.

We are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions due to a backlog of submissions awaiting review. However, we will continue to accept submissions for our Genesis Project and our Easter Poetry Project.

* Submission Link *

Please allow 4 – 8 weeks for a response.