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Utmost Christian Writers Foundation

Christian Poetry Contest

The major poetry contest for Christian poets, offering thousands of dollars of cash prizes. Christian poets only.

Poetry Gallery

A huge collection of literary poetry written by poets of Christian faith. Also a collection of poetry in the public domain, seasonal poetry (Easter, Christmas, etc) and special collections.

News and Events

Special events for poets including the Gathering of Christian Poets, our Christian Poet Laureate program and our free poetry contest.

Free Poetry Contest

Win a free poetry book in our free poetry contest.

Writers Guidelines

Details of how to submit poetry, book reviews and articles for our Christian poetry web site.

Poetry Book Sales

Poetry books are available for sale. We also help you promote and sell your poetry book.

Poetry Publishing

We publish custom-designed books for Christian poets.

Writers Markets

Markets for Christian poets and Christian authors to sell their writing or get it published.

Poetry Articles

Free articles to help you learn to write better poetry.

About Us

Information about Utmost Christian Writers Foundation, a non-profit association for Christian poets.


A list of resources for Christian poets.


Poets Places detail the lives and thoughts of Christian poets. A list of prayer requests.


Links of interest to Christian poets.

Christian Poetry in the Public Domain

A collection of poetry by Christian poets which has entered the public domain.

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