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Celebrate the Word

Day 7: A Writer’s Sabbath
Scripture: Genesis 12:1–3; Matthew 11:28–30

Meditation: God rested on the seventh day.

It’s hard to imagine there’s time for rest. To hear some writers talk, you would think any pause from constant writing is laziness. But resting is necessary for writers— even for words. Setting your writing aside for a few days before you return to it gives you clarity and a fresh approach. You can look at your work more from the perspective of a reader than a writer.

Prayer: Lord, Your salvation caused me to enter into a marvelous rest. Now, as I rest, I offer my words to You, asking You to work in them, as you do in me.

Creation Activity #1: Put your writing into a box to signify the rest you are giving it. Take the box to a quiet place and pray for the writing inside it. Do not take pen or paper with you. Do not open the box.

Creation Activity #2: Meet with another writer to pray for each other about your writing. If you do not know another writers, ask a Christian friend to pray with you about your writing, or contact us. Nathan Harms, founder of Utmost Christian Writers will be happy to pray with you.

If you would like us to provide more exercises like this, please let us know.