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Celebrate the Word

Day 6: Writing With Dominion
Scripture: Genesis 1:24–31; Ephesians 6:10–18

Meditation: When God created man, He gave him dominion over the earth.

What does dominion mean to a writer? It means taking control and ownership of your writing and the unique writing voice God has given you.

You may have read another writer’s work and wished you had his voice or style. But God has given you your own voice and style. If you dedicate it to Him, He will make it powerful.

While you are writing, don’t try to be someone else. Don’t let the imagined criticisms or opinions of other people influence your work. To do so is to fail to take dominion over your work. It will suffer as a result.
God has given you dominion over your words. Exercise it.

Prayer: Lord, help me be courageous in the dominion you have given me. Let everything I write be dedicated to Your glory and not to pleasing people.

Creation Activity #1: Take a paragraph of someone else’s writing—or a poem written by another poet—and rewrite it in your own voice, taking dominion over it.

Creation Activity #2: Visit a greenhouse or watch someone tend her garden.

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If you would like us to provide more exercises like this, please let us know.