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Celebrate the Word

Day 5: Writing That Teems With Life
Scripture: Genesis 1:20–23; Revelation 22:1–5

Meditation: God was extravagant in his creation of animal life. He commanded the waters to teem with living creatures, and the sky to fill with birds.

Your writing cannot be scanty if it is to reflect the likeness of God. Have you seen the brilliantly colored schools of fish abounding in tropical waters? If you dip your hand into the water, a kaleidoscope of color bursts with movement. Your words must be as lively and colorful as those fish.

It takes effort to color your writing—to add motion that excites a reader—but it’s your privilege to reflect the Creator in this way. To do less is to deny Him the glory that is His due.

Prayer: Lord, it’s hard to make words swim like fish or fly like birds, but I want my writing to excite readers for You. Help my written words teem with life.

Creation Activity #1: Taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell make our physical world alive to us. Engage all of your senses right now, and list as many sensations as possible. Include all five senses.

Creation Activity #2: Visit a zoo or aquarium and write about the teeming life you see.

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If you would like us to provide more exercises like this, please let us know.