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Celebrate the Word

Day 2: Writing: The Great Divide
Scripture: Genesis 1:6–8; II Timothy 2:15,16

Meditation: Genesis says God created the expanse of sky by dividing the waters above and below it. Imagine the confusion if water and sky intermingled without definition—you wouldn’t know whether to sink or swim!

It’s the kind of confusion you create when you are not sure what story you’re trying to write. Is the wedding story about the bride and her apprehensions? Or is it a history piece, detailing the family’s wedding traditions? Is the poem an accurate record of what happened, or is it supposed to stir romantic feelings in the reader?

The skillful writer divides the available material into “land, sea and sky.” Decide what story you mean to tell, then stick to it.

Prayer: Lord, give me the mental and spiritual sharpness to rightly divide the words you give me; to know what I am trying to say, and say it.

Suggested Creation Activity #1: Examine a story or poem you have written and “divide” it. Are there distractions or elements not part of the story you mean to tell?

Creation Activity #2: Go for a walk along a dividing line—a fence, a highway shoulder or a lake shore. Think about the characteristics of the borders and write about them.

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If you would like us to provide more exercises like this, please let us know.