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Celebrate the Word

Day 1: Writing Out of The Void
Scripture: Genesis 1:1–5; John 1:1–5

Meditation: The creation story begins with a description of nothingness. The earth was formless (void), while “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. NIV”

The inability to begin writing is a tall hurdle. You have talent and the Lord’s blessing (Spirit), but are unable coax words to paper. You pace the floor, trim your nails or mow the lawn—waiting for inspiration to miraculously jump-start your work.

How did God break out of His creation void? He spoke, “Let there be light.” From those four words flowed planets and stars, trees and flowers.

For a writer, the word is the tool to turn formless writer’s block into tangible creation. The Spirit is hovering over the waters of your imagination. Put your fingers to the keyboard and “speak” the word.
Until you do, nothing will be created.

Prayer: Lord, give me courage to begin writing, knowing your Spirit is waiting to give form to my words.

Creation Activity #1: On your keyboard type, “Let there be light,” then type a description of the light you see around you. What is its color, its feeling?

Creation Activity #2: Meditate on the words, “In the beginning, God created.”

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If you would like us to provide more exercises like this, please let us know.