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Resources for Christian Poets

Part of our mandate at Utmost Christian Writers is to "…support poets of Christian faith by providing them with resources…"

Because there are so many varieties of resources, we've tried to categorize them below. Keep in mind that a single site may offer a variety of assets.

If you know of a web site of particular value to poets (Christian or otherwise), please let us know. We'll take a look at it and if we agree, we'll add it to our list. You might also like to check out our page of recommended links.

Resources at Utmost

Poetry Manuscript Preparation Tips
How should your poem look on paper?

Famous Poets Society
Is Famous Poets just another version of Poetry.com, Noble House, etc?

Noble House
Get the scoop on this "publisher."

Poetry Contest Tips
Tips about worthwhile poetry contests

How to Get Your Poetry Published
Discouraged about your publishing experiences? We lay out the basic facts in a brief article.

Utmost Copyright Basics
We explain copyright in simple words, using excerpts from the Copyright Act. Applicable to Canada and the USA (and many other countries).

Celebrate the Word
A 7 day Devotional exercise for Christian poets and writers.

On-line Christian Poets Forum
Meet up with other Christian poets to discuss your work-in-progress and encourage one another.

Information about poetry contests

Winning Writers
Winning Writers is our favorite source of information about poetry contests. They offer a catalog of current contests which is worth buying, and have a lot of free information available on their site.

Absolute Write
Information about some of the most infamous poetry contest scams.

Poetry Scams, Rip-offs and Horror Stories
The title says it all.

Poetry Contests Online
Many poetry contests listed at this site.

Recommended Poetry Contests

Antigonish Review

American Association of Christian Schools
(look for poetry contest under "forms")

Reference Material

Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus
Our personal favorite—and it's free.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
Do you wonder what "acatalectic" means? This is the place to find out.

Rhyming Dictionary
Just the thing for rhyming poets.

Copyright FAQs
Easy-to-understand information on copyright.

Complete Canadian Copyright Act
A lot more information than you probably need.

The Elements of Style
A classic book for writers, available on-line.

General Research Sources

The more we use this, the more we depend on it. The world's free encyclopedia.