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Brinda Runghsawmee

I have been touched by Marianne Jones’s article entitled "Poetry: Who Needs It?" Here is a soul who understands my soul.

In my childhood my family taught me to worship idols. But the God of the Bible taught me His majesty in: the sequined sky, the blue-grey spectacular mountains, the frothy waves, the many shades of sea: jade, sapphire, Viking blue and pearly grey, the tropical flowers, the Mynahs, red-breast robins, brown sparrows and laughing doves.

At fifteen, the Lord Jesus showed me my unholy and sinful state before the Holy God, I repented and He blessed me with His grace filling the emptiness within. Since then, I could commune perfectly with Him in nature.

Today I hear the inner voice of the Lord in the perfect oval-shaped pebbles that cradle together waiting patiently to be drenched by the rhythmic waves; the anguish in my heart as a tree trunk is beheaded. My soul squeezes as the Mynahs’ croon their court dances in a solitary mango tree behind a tall building, one more concrete monster smashing God’s beauties in my fast-growing town. I will die the morning I no longer hear the brown sparrow greeting me!

I don’t understand why Christians at church do not see the leaves casting little delights at nightfall when the wind whispers comfort to anguished souls after Bible studies. I don’t understand why Christians need walls to bar the church yard. To me a bamboo hedge is lovelier. I still cry when I see the grey stony walls that have replaced the joyful bamboos in our church yard. I am lonely because I cannot share what I see around me. I suffocate and swallow the beautiful thoughts and feelings about God’s wonders into the recesses of my soul.

Marianne says it "seems unlikely" that the prophets-poets made a lot of money but they had graced suffering souls over the centuries with their words. It is comforting to know that the Holy Spirit inspired them and David to write ‘the hills clap their hands’ to glorify God. I do see hills clapping their hands. I see God in pain when we cut down his trees, crush his flowers, kill His wild animals for mere sadistic pleasure, batter a child, or a cub, rape a girl, or fling humiliation at a poor or elderly person.

I also do not know how to make money. I am a fool but I see God touching a wilting flower, wiping the tears of a doe that has seen a lion tearing her baby to death. This is what makes me happy and draws me nearer to my Saviour, eager to know more of Him in His Word!

Copyright©2009 by Brinda Runghsawmee