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Brenda L. Lewis
Cincinnati, Ohio

The word of God is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our paths.

That's it. I was silent and watching the world almost all the years of my youth. I sought the word of God in the sleep state of youth, understanding only that God knew me before I was born. I learned from Bible teachers that one could not surprise God.

And now, looking back, I have seen that God was waiting for me, preparing a place just for me, ordering my steps, protecting me from hurt harm and danger, and teaching me for some purpose only I would uniquely fill. With God, though Jesus Christ, I've a special personal relationship. I am able to walk with his spirit, and talk to him through prayer, and read his word in the living Gospel.

I had lived years with silence, so that there would be room for God to grow and mold within my spirit. I was silent and listened to life until September 11th, when terrorists attacks upon the United States of America profoundly ended my silence. Until then, my inner thoughts were secret, my sadness profound. Neither my family nor friends could really know my heart. After September 11th, 2001, I began to write poetry.

The first poem is called the "Moment of Change." After that, came the words of pain and grieving, healing, praise, service, and sometimes words for fun. Always the words find their way to the One, God's son. The ministry of words found me where I lived. Just as God saw fit to heal me, he is healing others right now.

Great pain and sorrow awakened inside for the people and the families whose lives were forever changed. America would never be the same. I would never be the same. God heals not for our sake, but for the kingdom's sake. Our gifts, and challenges, and opportunities are to build the kingdom. Ultimately, every good word points to the One, God's only son, Jesus Christ.

Moment of Change

In one earth-shaking thunderous moment I was changed.
Two billowing explosive towers of smoke,
shattered invincibility, and confirmed my mere mortality.
Duo pillaring towers of smoke shall remain painted on my memory canvas.
Yes, life forever changed for me, and for thousands of unnamed precious people.
Patiently, I was planning my life.
As the towering walls crumbled violently before my eyes so too did illusions of
more time to wait, to do, to grow, to give, and to love.
Waiting for life to unfold ended in one catastrophic moment.
And with dust plumed reminders,
it's now all so clear; live life now.
Live life urgently, vibrantly, deliberately, and passionately.

Copyright©2007 by Brenda L. Lewis

Just One Moment Please

Just one moment please!
Let me catch my breath.
Give me time to wipe my brow.
And lend me time to think
of what must be accomplished before this sprinting ends!
Could I please just walk?
Or slow the dashing pace.
Time is running out, it seems
For plans I've left unfinished
And dreams as yet to be.
Stop the ticking watch!
Too soon the time is near
To say goodbye to plans and dreams
To love, to friends, and breath.
Just one moment please!

Copyright©2007 by Brenda L. Lewis

Praise Hymn

Stars, light night skies
Sunlight blinds my eyes, Be that
darkness comes As Do Days
I praise Him
I praise Him
Misty skylines parting haze,
Revealing bright news days, when
with child-like Gaze-Amazed
I praise Him
I praise Him
Lord lovely is the way
Autumn leaves paint earth's clay, when
with awe of nature's ways
I praise Him
I praise Him
As evening sunset surely comes, With
winter's coolness Did enter One,
Whom God sent ( Jesus ) his only Son,
I shall ever praise Him
I shall ever praise Him

Copyright©2007 by Brenda L. Lewis