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Utmost Christian Poetry Contest

   Rules   /   Entry Form

Simple steps to enter our poetry contest!

For All Christian Poets

Total Prizes: US$3,000.00

Major Prizes:
FIRST PRIZE: 1,000.00
SECOND: $500.00

HONORABLE MENTIONS (10): 100.00 each

Special Prizes:

Entrant can win Special Prizes in addition to Major Prizes.

We award all prizes, regardless of how few entries we receive. Some contests advertise big awards, but in the "fine print" you see that the prizes are only paid if a certain number of poets enter. Utmost is different. We guarantee to pay all prizes in our poetry contests, and we always announce publicly the winners.

Poetry Contests Gone Wrong!
   Read this exposé of fraudulent poetry contests.

If you are a Christian who writes spiritual poetry or religious poetry be sure to bookmark our site. We sponsor various poetry contests throughout the year. Check out our on-line ad or enter other poetry contests at WinningWriters.com.