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Behold the Man!

Shall Christ hang on the Cross, and we not look?
     Heaven, earth, and hell stood gazing at the first,
     While Christ for long-cursed man was counted cursed;
Christ, God and Man, Whom God the Father strook
And shamed and sifted and one while forsook:—
     Cry shame upon our bodies we have nursed
     In sweets, our souls in pride, our spirits immersed
In wilfulness, our steps run all acrook.
Cry shame upon us! for He bore our shame
     In agony, and we look on at ease
With neither hearts on flame nor cheeks on flame:
     What hast thou, what have I, to do with peace?
Not to send peace but send a sword He came,
     And fire and fasts and tearful night-watches.

Christian Poetry by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Public Domain