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Hope in Sorrow

My Saviour trod the earth,
Within her folds he lay;
And he shall raise to second birth
This lifeless form of clay.

Consign it to the dust,
Weep o'er it gushing tears,
But leave the pledge in Jesu's trust,
Until he re-appears.

Fair in its youthful dress
The faded floweret lies;
The essence of its loveliness
Is garnered in the skies.

The Prince of Life will come,
And all its grace restore;
The withered bud shall rise and bloom
Upon a deathless shore.

The dewy night of tears
Foretells the radiant morn,
When, rising from our dream of fears,
A thousand joys are born.

The tears of earth are shed
To gild the flowers above;
While over all the beams are spread
Of God's restoring love.

Christian Poetry by Reverend T. Cleworth
Public Domain