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            Where dost Thou dwell,
Unknown, unseen, yet knowing, seeing all?
We find Thee not in hermit's lonely cell,
            Nor lofty palace-hall.

            No more at eve
Thy form is with us on the dusty road;
The dead sleep on, though loving hearts may grieve
            The suffering bear their load.

            Night closes round—
In the green forest-aisles no leaf is stirred;
So hushed, as if heaven's distant music sound
            Might even here be heard.

            Through all we see,
Up to azure roof with stars inwrought,
Through all Earth's temple, do we look for Thee;
            Alas, we find Thee not.

            Yet Thou art near;
Father! forgive our weak and failing sight;
Forgive, and make our darkness noonday clear
            With thy celestial light.

            Thy love has given
Faith's telescope, wherewith to gaze on Thee;
Aid us, that through it looking unto heaven,
            Thy glory we may see.

Christian Poetry by Annie Louisa Walker
Public Domain