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Ever With Thee

No more in darkness, trials, and temptations,
No more a waif on trouble's billowy sea,
How sweet will be the day of my abiding
Ever with Thee!

Bright after darkness shines the summer morning,
Bright is the sunshine when the tempests flee;
But brighter far the home where dwell thy chosen
Ever with Thee!

Dear are the hours when those we love are near us;
Dear, but how transient must their brightness be!
That one glad day will know no sadder morrow
Ever with Thee!

Love will be there: methinks all other glories
Nothing to those enraptured souls will be,
Filled with the transport of that one assurance,
Ever with Thee!

But long may be the way that we must travel,
And many a dark'ning storm we yet may see,
Dread sorrows may o'erwhelm us ere we're sheltered
Ever with Thee!

Not so: thy hand, extended through the darkness,
Leadeth us on the way we cannot see,
And, clasping that, e'en here we walk in safety
Ever with Thee!

Christian Poetry by Annie Louisa Walker
Public Domain