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Christian Poetry in the Public Domain

We are compiling an archive of Christian poetry in the public domain. This is a long term project. There are several ways in which poetry can enter the public domain. The most common way is for the copyright protection to expire. Another way is for a poet to formally offer a poem to the public domain, thereby surrendering the personal ownership of it. The stringent rules that limit the reproduction of public domain poetry require that we personally verify the authenticity of public domain status for each work of poetry.

This poetry is free for you to use in whatever way you wish. There are no copyright restrictions on the poems in this section of our site. Please remember that poetry that is not labelled "public domain" is cannot be used without permission.

If you have Christian poetry that you believe to be in the public domain, please contact us so that we can arrange to see it in person and share the contents with the general public.

Anonymous Christian Poetry

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