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Christine Lê: Poet with a Ministry

At Utmost Christian Writers we receive a lot of mail, and some letters strike a special chord. We recently received the following email from Teresa.

Hello my name is Teresa, I am new to your site. I stumbled on to it today, or was I led? I am an old Christian on a new path-—what does God want me to do for him? I have been asking, what is God going to do for me, me, me.

Well I am 43 years old; I have known that Jesus is the Son of God since I was 11 years old. I accepted my Saviour and have nothing to show to him for his gift. It has been a long dry season for me and:

"I have worshiped other gods
 in banks and bars, in shopping malls,
 at tables spread with tarot cards"

                 (read the rest of this poem by Christine Lê)

All these poems are cool; they each say things that are striking to the faithful but this poem, "One God," grabbed me today. The searching for truth; the world is smoke and mirrors, pretty magic to tempt the hurting soul. Well it's been a long time since I stood "by the light of the cross", and that's what I am doing today and hopefully every day that follows. I have been writing poetry since I was a young Christian and many times the best poem is the one your heart needs to hear. Today I hear good because I stopped to listen. Thank you.Teresa

If you think poetry cannot change lives, a letter like Teresa's might change your mind.

We forwarded Teresa's email to Christine Lê and received the following reply from Christine, updating us on her success with her poem, "One God," and her current ministry as an author.

Thank you so much for forwarding the email from Teresa. It was a huge blessing for me to hear that my words can help someone else. I write what I feel God speaking to my heart, and I'm encouraged when they're published, but after that its hard for me to imagine what happens.

Thank you for your help with this poem, and for putting it on your site. You may also want to know that it won a Lorin Tarr Gill Poetry Award (3rd place) from the Pen Women.

I have also now published my first book with Mutual Publishing, illustrated by my husband. It's called The Hawaii Snowman. The book was a gift from God and an answer to a prayer at a healing service, for my writing and my husband's art. God gave me the story one night. We did a lot of signings this Christmas, and now out of 4,000 copies the publisher tells me they only have around 22 left!!! God is so faithful!

My husband and I are now in the process of finishing a chapter book for children (also a gift). It is a fun adventure story that will teach children about God.

I hope this is not too long an email. But I want you to know how important your site is. When I started my writing journey with God and was published on your site, I had just begun. The start can be so hard, crossing that long dry spell of rejections. Your site was like water to my Spirit.

I hope to send you more poems in the future.

I have also attached a presentation (clicking will download a pdf file) my husband and I did as a sermon at our church on January 4, 2009 at Central Union, in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is about our journey with God in creating the book, The Hawaii Snowman.

With Warm Blessings, Christine