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The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project is a longterm venture of Utmost Christian Writers. We will collect literary poetry based on the text of Genesis to post at our web site. We invite poets to submit works prompted by a specific text in the Book of Genesis. The text might be a single verse or an entire section, but we ask that poems be limited to 40 lines.

We are not looking for "narratives" that simply retell a Genesis event in verse. We are looking for literary poetry—literature based on a Genesis event, but going beyond a retelling—that opens our eyes to a fresh or newly realized understanding. "Literary" and "fresh" are key words here. Examples of work we have already purchased.

Poets whose work is selected for posting will be paid at our usual rate of US$12 per poem. Poets retain copyright and all other rights to their work.

If we collect a comprehensive collection of these works the possibility exists that we might produce a book in print. In such a case, each poet would be contacted and permissions (or additional payment) would be arranged. In no case will the poets' works be used without permissions.

If you wish to submit poetry for this project, please use the email link below. Do not change the subject line. Please allow up to 8 weeks for a response.

Please include the following in the body of your email:
     • your poem (including a title)
     • the specific Bible reference inspiring your poem (ie Gen. 10:12-18)
     • your real name and postal address
     • any brief biographical information or notes about your poem
     • despite the fact that we are calling for themed submissions, a high standard of literary quality will be the first criterion for acceptance or rejection of all submissions.

Submit to Genesis Project Submission