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The Genesis Project

Genesis Poems: A Longterm Project

If you are interested in participating in our Genesis Project, please read our guidelines.

Entries below are listed in order of Biblical reference. You'll notice that many references are missing. You can help us complete this record by submitting your own work.

Genesis 1

Light and Life
                    by Shirley R. Daniels

Genesis 1: 2,3

Day's Beginning
                    by Cathi-Lyn Dyck

Genesis 1:13

The Third Day
                    by Sarah Rehfeldt

Genesis 1:27

God Is…
                    by Linda Watson Owen

Genesis 2:21–25

The Courtship of Adam and Eve
                    by Alvin G. Ens

Genesis 3:6

Upon Further Reflection
                    by Shelly Bryant

From another point of view
                    by Janet Butler

Genesis 3:14,15

                    by Shelly Bryant

Genesis 4: 1–16

After Abel
                    by Leah Stewart

Genesis 4:1–24

Cain's Altar
                    by Steve Isham

Genesis 5:24

You, Enoch
                    by Amanda McQuade

Genesis 7

How to Feed the Lions
                    by Alvin G. Ens

Genesis 8: 6–12

Return of the Dove
                    by Malcolm Kestral

Genesis 11:31

How Abram and I Moved From Ur
                    by Jan Wood

Genesis 12: 1–9

                    by Aimee Reid

Genesis 18: 10–12

A Fragile Arrangement
                    by Jan Wood

Genesis 18:10–15; Genesis 21:1–3,6

Abraham and Sarah
                    by Linda Chandler Smith

Genesis 19:15–26

Fire Test
                    by Violet Nesdoly

Genesis 22: 1–18

A Song for Isaac
                    by Dick Hayes

In Eternity's Eye
                    by Shelly Bryant

Genesis 25: 24–26

Under Foot
                    by Shelly Bryant

Genesis 28: 10–28

                    by Shelly Bryant

Genesis 28:17

House of God
                    by Judith Frost

Genesis 29:6

Jacob's Plea
                    by Marc Libidinsky

Genesis 29
30:1–22; 31:1–35; 35:16–20

Israel's Girl
                    by Emma Akuffo

Genesis 32: 24–30

                    by Marcia Lee Laycock

Genesis 32: 24–32

Leaving Penuel
                    by Sarah Rehfeldt

Genesis 37: 3–35

Morning's Lament
                    by Laurie Flanigan

Genesis 39–40

Preparing the Heart
                    by Glenda Joy Race

Genesis 41:51

Upon the Birth of Manasseh
                    by Linda Watson Owen

Genesis 41:52

Upon the Birth of Ephraim
                    by Linda Watson Owen

Genesis 42:24

Family Reunion
                    by Violet Nesdoly

Genesis 43:1–3

out of love
                    by P. D. Gray

Genesis 45:1–15

                    by Carol Apple

Genesis 49:1–28

God is
                    by P. D. Gray