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The Internet's #1 Source
of On-Line Christian Writers Guidelines

We offer working links to over 300 periodicals with on-line Christian writer's guidelines, more than any other site we've found. If writers' guidelines are available, our links take you to them.

You may not copy the entire table of listings and publish it elsewhere, because the table and the totallity of its contents and arrangement has been created by us and we hold the copyright to the list.

Exclusively Christian Markets

These listings are for Christian publications. We do not list general interest publications. We visit each site personally and determine if it's a Christian market open to freelancers.

Some publications have gone out of business, but we have continued to list them—along with a note that they've ceased to publish—so that you'll know for sure that they are not a market.

Some publications appear only on the Internet and others produce printed versions. If a publication produces only an Internet version, the listing includes the words, "Internet Publication Only."

Which Publications Pay?

We do not differentiate between paying and non-paying markets. Most writers guidelines explain rates of payment.

Be Responsible With These Links

Some denominational papers have no use for general articles. Some publications may not welcome submissions because of a backlog of manuscripts. Visit the web sites and read the information before you make submissions. When writers are inconsiderate of editors, it leads editors to make themselves less available to writers.

If any links are broken or otherwise not useful, please let us know.

The Database of Links is Large

The database is large and may take a few seconds to download to your computer monitor.

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