The Gathering is much more than a day of studying in a workshop. It's about really getting to know one another. At every Gathering some poets arrive a day or two ahead of time to visit informally and be shown around the city of Edmonton by the Gathering hosts.

In the photo to the left, a group of poets visits at the home of Nathan Harms, Utmost founder. From left to right: Violet Nesdoly, Ross Lynem, Barbara Mitchell, Jan Wood, Ev Heffernan, Charlie Van Gorkom, Elaine Mustoe.

  Still at Nathan's house, poets from three provinces of Canada. Left to Right: Ross Lynem of Calgary (Alberta), Jan Wood of Big River (Saskatchewan), and Violet Nesdoly of Surrey (British Columbia).

Charlie Van Gorkom gave an impromptu poetry reading at Barbara's house. The Gathering is full of moments like this.


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