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I Want To Go Home

I want to go home to Mother,
       To sit down and have a chat,
To share with her my joys and troubles,
       To ask her this or that…
But the winding road no longer leads
       To a house of peace and love,
For my mother’s gone to Heaven now
       To God’s gracious Home above.

She is wellŸ so I do not sorrow;
       I grieve that she’s gone from me,
And I have not yet that Kind Knowledge
       Of when my Call shall be…
But my yearning heart would very much
       Like to wend that path wherein
Her sweet, smiling face and happy voice
       Bid me “Welcome Home!” again.

O God, the way grows oft’ so weary,
       I feel my sad heart will break.
How deep the pain Death leaves in parting!
       Yet, You make no mistake.
May the winding road still upward lead
       To the Home I yearn to see…
Where my longing heart greets Heaven’s hug
       And where Mother waits for me.

Copyright 2007 by Wanda C. Hilyer