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Danny Naglowsky Jr

About this Christian Poet:
Danny Naglowsky Jr is 18 years old and attends Landmark Tabernacle in Littleton, Colorado.

Two Stars and the Moon

Day 1
Today is the day he is leaving
Today is the day he is dreaming
Dreaming of his new life
Dreaming of when he will cry
Not wanting to leave
Not wanting to be overseas
He shows tears in his eyes
He shows his last love good byes
Today, he is leaving his love
Today, he is hugging his forever love

Tonight, he has to leave
He stands next to his love
Who is in disbelief
They count the dazzling stars
In the nighttime sky
Her not wanting him to go far
He notices that he cannot find two
Two stars are missing from his usual spot
He points this out to his love true
She looks above and around
While trying to keep him in her mind
She asks ‘how can they not be found?’
With her looking at the sky
With him looking at her eyes
He starts to cry

He tells her ‘the stars are not up there.’
She asks him ‘where are they?’
He points to her eyes ‘right there.’
She blushes
He smiles
She cries
He cries
They are now apart

Day 2
Today is the day he left his future wife
Today is the day he starts his new life
Dreaming of his imaginary future
Dreaming of when he became mature
Not wanting to feel the pain
Not wanting to bring her shame
He shows his hidden love
He shows his prayer to Him above
Today, he remembers her
Today, he misses her

Tonight, his heart starts to tear
He sits trying to cover his tender tears
But his pain is something he cannot bear
He looks at the nighttime sky
Looks at the magnificent light
Wishes that he could fly
He remembers that the light
Could be seen all over the world
To those who has sight
The moon sits, watching the two
Being a reminder and a guide
So they didn’t have to be blue
He and she are looking at the same
Creating memories of each other
Loosening them from their pain

He tells the moon ‘always shine’
She tells the moon ‘watch over him’
He tells God ‘use the moon as a sign’
She tells God ‘don’t ever let it dim’
He and she smiles
He and she remembers
He and she cries
They are still apart

Copyright©2009 by Danny Naglowsky Jr