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Joann Nyles

About this Christian Poet:
Joann Nyles

Clouds like Cattle

The last drop
evaporates, leaving
clean the brim of a metallic cistern
and the evening sky moves on
somewhere in-between
periwinkle and make-believe
shaggy silhouettes roam thirsty
through the onset of night
black cattle seeking water
chasing that one last drop
now dissipated into a thousand.
your arm around me
I tell you my favorite
is that one
the one that looks squished
as though a giant foot
the size of the moon rising
came down and crushed
all four legs broken
the head too protrudes, tongue out
in a grimace of death
like a shepherd I once saw
disemboweled along state route 395
your eyes don't see mine
when I speak these words you just
make that face and hold me tighter
against the cold cold crazy
how you love me and our breath
crystallizes, hangs between us
in the beams of headlights
then falls over frosted pavement
slick and whiter than headlights and celibate
in the eyes of drivers and passengers passing
your arm around me and your hand
in and out of mine, touching
pressing against cold fingers
sometimes holding them
tight against the stars and the
eyes in passing see us and
some think so easily
as if it were a light thing
maybe even say aloud
to themselves
'what a happy couple
I would do anything to have
a love like that'
but they wouldn't, not really
how much easier for them
to hop beds like bars
divorced once or twice
and again without thinking
without ever knowing
a love like this
does not come easily
it is not a light thing this love
comes only after years and
years of feeling your arm
heavy and warm between
me and the cold cold
crazy now, how we just breathe
together and watch
clouds like cattle.

Copyright©2009 by Joann Nyles