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Kevin Randall Debes

About this Christian Poet:
Kevin Randall Debes is an unpublished poet who lives in Katy, Texas. On his spiritual journey, he has been a member of an Eastern Orthodox Church that his great grandparents helped to start when they came over to the US from Tripoli, Syria in the late 1800s. In his teens, he began attending a charismatic church and was completely born again. Since that time he is a member of Houston’s Second Baptist Church. Living in Katy, Texas, in the quiet outskirts outside of Houston, he has grown in his spiritual faith and longing to please Him. He is currently working on a book of poems collected during his lifetime for bedtime reading. It is his greatest joy to share what he knows is a heavenly gift. God is Love, and so this poem is for and about The Lord. May it bless you in the morning and may it lay down with you at evenings light. 


Among the trees its wind will blow,
at evenings light its voice is low.
In quiet peace it speaks to me
from foggy mists of memory.
It comforts me in time of sorrow
and gives me hope into tomorrow.
It is the person I always knew
who paints my sky its color of blue.
Love is the need to carry on,
it plants the seed when life is gone.
It holds itself in warm embraces,
cheerful words, and sunny places.
It will stay with you until your end,
it breaks your heart and makes it mend.
It is the essence of eternal life,
its flame endures all pain and strife.
Love is so calm, so soft, and mild,
it brings the laughter to a child.
It calms the fears of rainy nights,
and takes your joy to new heights.
Love isn’t silver nor is it gold,
but keeps your heart from growing old.
It is the spark in a grandmother's smile,
it takes the wanderer that extra mile.
Its hands are held, its laughter heard,
it is a kind and touching word.
It wears a million different names,
A willing soul is what it claims.
You cannot live without its glow,
you cannot give if you don’t know
that to love another human being
is joy beyond what you’ve been seeing.
You haven’t lost what’s already there,
it isn’t hard to start to care,
so let your heart begin to share
the truth of love we must declare.

Copyright©2009 by Kevin Randall Debes