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Catherine R. Fiorello

About this Christian Poet:
Cathy Fiorello lives in Torrington, Connecticut. She has been married for 24 years and is the mother of five children, ages 17 to 23. A one-time English teacher, she currently works in Christian ministry as a marriage and family therapist. She recently won an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest Inspirational Short Story contest.


Our words pile up
like earth strata,
crushing each other to emerge
later as veins of rust
or diamonds.

Our words cover wounds
like blood-crusted gauze,
cooing love when they mean hate,
spewing hate when they mean love.

Your Word is a bird flying against
the screen of my foolishness,
its only way in, through
the press of the screen,

It bloodies itself,
reduces itself
to shards of bone, fleshy pulp,
but it will get to me, so great the love,

while I, dozing
by the window, watch,
indifferent to the wire cutters
slipping from my hand.

Copyright©2003 by Catherine R. Fiorello