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Catherine R. Fiorello

About this Christian Poet:
Cathy Fiorello lives in Torrington, Connecticut. She has been married for 24 years and is the mother of five children, ages 17 to 23. A one-time English teacher, she currently works in Christian ministry as a marriage and family therapist. She recently won an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest Inspirational Short Story contest.

My Bland God

When I fashion you in my image, you're so tame.
You appreciate my perspective.
My enemies are your enemies.

There are no 10-foot waves in our relationship.
I'm never dashed to the bottom of the sea
to scrape my face and choke on sand.

I pin you down, wings immobile but twitching,
where you can't flick the earth off its course
or wail like a lover, broken by lies.

No right or wrong,
just shades of gray.
No war cries,
just refined civility.

Like porn addicts who think they know women,
I think my appetite for religious delicacies
Will be sated by you, my pocket-god.

But when razor-truth punctures my heart,
when myths explode and smoke is everywhere,
the sheer terror and joy of You
renders me stunned and undone.

Copyright©2003 by Catherine R. Fiorello