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Eveline Maedel

About this Christian Poet:
Eveline Maedel is a part-time writer, struggling to find her voice in a small northwestern Ontario town. While balancing the duties of full time work, wife , mother of two boys, and church life she finds that writing helps her reflect on her spiritual journey.


In the beginning
     God created.
Earth, Light, Form.
     A seed was planted,
     a life inspired,
     a hope was born.

The Word was spoken
     it came to be.
Sun, Sky, Sea.
     The Potter's hands,
     fashioned the clay,
     making you and me.

Spirit breathed into
     the clay.
Life, Heart, Soul.
     The garden burst,
     with new life,
     all creation whole.

In seven days
     He made it all.
Beauty, Life, Complete.
     Lord renew me,
     fill my heart,
     in this garden retreat.

Copyright©2003 by Eveline Maedel