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Kevin Craig

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada where I lead an on-the-spot Christian writing circle at Kingsview United Church. I am also on the Board of Directors for the Writers' Circle of Durham Region, an umbrella group which helps writers in their writing endeavors. I have been previously published in the Globe and Mail and, most recently, on CBC Radio's "First Person Singular."

Together We Are Dove

I am the wings of a dove,
Not of the sleek and pristine variety.
No, I am the tawny brown-rouge expanse
Of Turtledove wings.

Nor am I the complete bird.
For the heart of a dove is light,
Effervescent and free.

I am neither whole nor awesome enough
To be the heart of a bird.

I leave that to Him.
He is the heart that causes my wings
To beat, to burst high above
These linear landscapes.

He gives dove
Its reason to move,
To stretch the wings
That I have become.

Together, we are dove.
Moving effortlessly
Through the windless night.
His heart beats
And suggests the directions
My feathered limbs may take.

It is He who guides me
Within the vast blue expanse
Through which I travel
He gives me reason to float, to be.

I am the motion of His beating heart.

Copyright©2003 by Kevin Craig