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Grace West

About this Christian Poet:
Grace West loves the Lord and she has recently decided to serve Christ by writing. She lives in rural Georgia, USA, with her husband, two children and five stray cats.


Greetings Lord of the Mountains!
What's that? Oh the rumblings?
They are fearful and loud—I admit.
Those, Lord, are the praises of your servants.
The praises boil in the bellies of the great mountains.
The caps of the mountains explode off;
praises shower your throne.
Why are the oceans stirring so violently?
Lord, in the deepest reaches of the ocean
your servants' praises are like a cyclone.
The seas won't pass their boundaries,
but they spew voluminous praises.
The planet challenges its orbit.
You see, Lord, praises vibrate the earth.

Oh Lord, may the praises of your servants swirl around your throne.
A galaxy of delicate rose-scented petals.
May the praises of your servants be like tender floating kisses;
like the sound of children on a playground.
(Can God be left overwhelmed because of the praises of his saints?)
May it be so. Praise the Lord!

Copyright©2003 by Grace West