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Linda Hamel

About this Christian Poet:
My home for the past several years has been Ontario, though I was born in the U.S. and spent about 10 years in Latin America. I think I have always been fascinated with language and with stories.

This poem started as an attempt to understand the character of Elizabeth from the story in Luke's gospel. What must she have thought when her husband came home with a wild story about angels and an impossible baby? The repeated line was a technical challenge that made writing the poem more difficult but also more interesting.

The Discipline of Silence

I didn't mind the silence. After all
The years of shame that scorched me dry and dumb
His speechless season seemed a penance small
For doubting what an angel said would come.

No vision came to me, no angel voice.
I didn't mind; silence, after all,
To my appeals had long been heaven's choice.
A desert does not wait for rain to fall.

But now he sought my bed, and would recall
Night after night the fire of long-gone years.
I didn't mind the silence after; all
Night long I drenched my infant hope with tears

Till rounding belly told how in me grew
The Voice out in the Desert, sent to call
"Prepare!" Then, brimming wonder, I withdrew,
And didn't mind the silence, after all.

Copyright©2002 by Linda Hamel