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Jenna Pashley

About this Christian Poet:
I was given an amazing amount of freedom as a child. That freedom often mixed with my fertile imagination to meld my Christian faith with other influences. Today I count those experiences (such as the one described in this poem) as blessings because they allowed me to think outside of the box. I believe it says something about how God created children that He never chided me for my unique beliefs but allowed me to dedicate them to Him, effectually turning them into acts of worship.

Rituals of a Quasi-Pagan Childhood

I remember clearly the day I was baptized:
how I scowled at the smiling cheerleader in the front pew,
unrepentant of my dislike,
the crispness of the white cotton gown and the tepid water.
But most of all,
I remember,
after the service, shaking hands with strangers,
the gift of a pair of white moccasins, leather, with embroidery.
And how I wore them to shreds
in a summerful of rain dances to Jesus.

                   Copyright©2003 by Jenna Pashley