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Bonnie Flaman

About this Christian Poet:
Bonnie Flaman lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with her husband and four children. Writing has been a powerful expression for her from age nine. Life has been rich and busy and she had planned to put off publication until her children were older. Through a series of losses, she found writing poems helped her move through grief. She writes to find clarity, find herself and to hear God's voice. Part of the healing writing brings to her life is through connection with others, as a result of that she is now pursuing being published.

I Wish I'd Known

I wish I’d known
this was the last time
blue would touch
the deepest part of my heart

another heartbeat, faster
one with my own
life moving in me
moving me

my calendar has nine months

dreams of someone knit within
hair woven in colours only imagined

first cry a glorious song
love unveiled
cradled to my heart
beating it’s love
in a rhythm already known

lips brush dewy cheeks
until now caressed by waters within

feel purest joy
nourished by me
joined in our need for this closeness

drift to sleep
newborn fragrance
the sweetest lullaby

squealing cherubs run in an unsteady gait
learn to dance
then fly

love unconfined
shared with the world

giddy from every phone call
visit from our dearest friends
whose bedrooms are
no longer across the hall

ache for peace felt gazing at sleeping faces
holding onto faith
they’re safe in Your arms

some nights we still get bedtime hugs
before hollow sound
the front door quietly closes

intimate communion, shared by two
laughter without echoing giggles of children
sleep mostly undisturbed
silence unbroken
by calling voices
a baby’s cry

wrapped around eachother
hearts tied together
our prayers lift to the heavens as one
a plea
for grandchildren
lots of grandchildren.

                   Copyright©2002 by Bonnie Flaman