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Barbara Mitchell

About this Christian Poet:
Barbara's poetry has been published in approximately 200 periodicals, including publications in Europe and Asia, and her work has been translated into Braille for the blind as well as many other languages. Barbara has also acted as an associate editor of a poetry anthology and has judged many poetry competitions. She has twice won first place for her poetry in the Canadian Church Press Awards, an annual award for the best Christian poem appearing in the Canadian press.


It wasn't from cresting the vaulted depths
with the height of the climb at my feet
It wasn't despairing to see more terrain
that caused me to fall in defeat
But surely when softness cushioned my walk
apathy echoed its song
For I plodded the barren stretch of routine
with no challenge to spur me on

It was never the turbulent waters
that raged and tore through my life
That left me floundering, helpless
adrift in the surging tide
But rather the lulling beauty
and the lure of familiar shores
That fashioned my days with indifferent thought
and compelled me to stay where I was

So Father, give me a yearning
for the valleys shadowed and steep
For deserts that breathe their fire and dust
for waves that crash at my feet
And surely then I'll accomplish much
when stirred by the spiritual pace
When inspiration is fueled on the path
of hardship tempered with grace

Copyright©1989 by Barbara Mitchell