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Darlene Moore Berg

About this Christian Poet:
I am first a Christian, second a wife and mother, third a physician by vocation and a poet then by avocation. I currently live in Missouri where I practice pediatrics and am a member of the "sandwich generation". I have had a love for the written word from the moment I learned how to read . As part of my education in the middle grades, I was required to memorize one poem a month. Writing poetry for me basically started in high school and has been off and on ever since. Submitting work and having work published has been mainly the last seven years. I have been privileged to have poems in the Christian poetry journals of Time of Singing and A New Song and also The Penwood Review and online in Dayspring.

Travel Mercies

"Jesus called to his disciples, 'My heart goes out to these people; they have been with me for three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry. They might faint on the way.' Matthew 15:32"

Hungry, starving for the Living word of God,
His healing breath upon their broken lives,
the multitudes seek him out.
Hundreds to thousands come from all around,
fold up their robes, encamp at His feet,
crowd shoulder to shoulder on the hillside's stony ground.
Famished souls nibble on His every utterance
each sun-drenched, dusty day;
sleep restless, digesting the precious morsels
each star-blanketed night—
ears pressed to the earth's heartbeat
listen for the echoes of heaven
and will not budge.
Their empty existence cries to be filled
with his rich syllables of love:
The manna of a forgiving Father God.
More than baskets of bits of fish and bread
he feeds them himself,
divine sustenance, fuel for the faint-hearted,
provision for the roadways of eternal life.

                   Copyright©2003 by Darlene Moore Berg