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Ben Shaughnessy

About this Christian Poet:
Ben Shaughnessy lives in Delaware, and has been writing poetry off and on for about two years. He is not a published poet, but several of his articles on theology, philosophy, and politics have appeared on the Internet and in print form.

On War

No beauty graces Mars, the god of war.
No glory gleams in battle's lurid light.
Bayonets flash; throaty Howitzers roar;
Cities are crushed, and armies set to flight;
Then, trembling at the conqueror's far-flung spear,
Thrones yield, and silver streams of tribute rise—
Still, glutted hearts will quail. Pomp sours to fear.
Man like a mist is spent; his greatness dies.

But is there virtue in the coward's choice?
He scorns the sword for dream-inspired peace;
Rebellion sometimes speaks in pious voice—
Spurns sacred honor for numb chains and ease.
Yet glory lies in home, faith, freedom, friend;
Not sword, nor arrow, but what these defend.

                   Copyright©2003 by Ben Shaughnessy