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Ben Shaughnessy

About this Christian Poet:
Ben Shaughnessy (pen name) lives in Delaware, and has been writing poetry off and on for about two years. He is not a published poet, but several of his articles on theology, philosophy, and politics have appeared on the Internet and in print form.

The Reign of Messiah
Based on Psalm 72

O God, Your righteous judgments give the king,
Who shall with justice judge the waiting poor;
And lofty peaks and tiny hills will bring
Peace, and by righteousness the calm restore.
Your king shall judge the cause of humble ones,
Groaning beneath the oppressor's heavy hand,
And break the tyrant who the needy's sons
Abuses; and Your name throughout the land
In generations all will be adored.

Long as the sun's vast orb in flaming show
Rides forth with pomp, as some great Eastern lord,
And yields at eve to argentine lunar glow,
Which clothes the world in lustrous silver shades;
As long as gentle moon or solar blaze
Exists, and time throughout his course parades,
You shall they fear, and herald forth Your praise.
His blessings, treasure-laden, shall descend
As quenching showers on the yearning field;
The flourishing of just men shall attend
His days, and peace abundant be revealed.

From sea to sea, to every sunken mount
Whose sandy summit crests the circling main;
From arid desert to artesian fount,
Shall be His vast dominion, and His reign
Will compass all, and to Earth's boundary spread.
The kings of distant realms shall own His sway;
Shall bring their gifts before their covenant Head,
And Sheba's gold before their Sovereign lay.

Princes before His gracious kingdom fall,
Repenting in the dust of human pride;
The king of men becomes the Savior's thrall,
Who saves the poor, who in despair have cried;
From soul-destroying violence and its stains,
From the serpentine coiling of deceit,
Shall He redeem, His loved and priceless veins
Pouring their riches on the squalid street
And rough-hewn tree, for precious is their blood
Unto His sight. Yet once more He shall rise,
And gain the golden crown and iron rod
Of kingship, and the accepted sacrifice
Of prayer and praise He daily will receive.

His seed, though sown in scarcity and scorn,
Despised by those who would not dare believe,
Shall blossom like the red flow'r of the morn;
The walls of Zion with prosperity
Shall burst; her people, widening like the dawn,
Will swell to vast and numberless degree,
And flourish like the woods of Lebanon.
His name through boundless ages shall endure
And burn with brilliance while the ignited sun
Burns in the sky; and men salvation sure
Shall find in Him, the blest and blessing One.

                   Copyright©2003 by Ben Shaughnessy