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Ben Shaughnessy

About this Christian Poet:
Ben Shaughnessy lives in Delaware, and has been writing poetry off and on for about two years. He is not a published poet, but several of his articles on theology, philosophy, and politics have appeared on the Internet and in print form.

This sonnet was written after contemplating one of the central tenets of Christian orthodoxy—the Resurrection. The poem focuses on the reality of "Christ the Victor," both in history, through His resurrection for our justification (Romans 4:25), and at the end of history, through His final conquest of "the last enemy" (I Corinthians 15:26).

Christus Victor

With muted bitterness the trembling grave
Yields up its sacred Victim at a word,
Silenced like the proud Galilean wave,
Whose foaming fury quailed before the Lord.
Now shafts of glory pierce the failing night,
As Death and Hades, quaking, feel the blow
That breaks upon them with unyielding might,
With will inexorable; and they know
Whose hand drives home the hammer on His foe
And now brings immortality to light.

Death's barbarous sway is ended; Christ shall reign,
Till underneath His feet is gathered all
From Earth's remotest shore, from main to main;
And by His rod man's final foe will fall.

                   Copyright©2003 by Ben Shaughnessy