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Alvin G. Ens

About this Christian Poet:
Born and educated in Saskatchewan, I have taught high school English in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. With my early retirement I now have more time for writing. My poems and a few short stories have been published in a variety of religious publications and anthologies. My book of poetic meditations, Musings on the Sermon, has just recently been short-listed by Word Guild in the category of self-published books.


No self-respecting shepherd
Irresponsibly leaves sheep
On a lonely hillside
Traipsing off
To the nearest town
To see
The latest wonder,

Unless perhaps
He hears,
The voices
Of God Almighty's

Even then perhaps
The haste is,
Thinking clearly,
To hire
A surrogate sheep sitter
And a messenger
To tell his wife
Not to worry.

But, clearly,
No time to send out
For his drycleaned coat
Or to the florist
For a bouquet
And a proper
Birth congratulatory card,

Making haste
Over rough terrain
At night
In the anticipation
Of latent dreams
Become, clearly,

So I hasten
In the advent
Of retrospection
To Bethlehem
To see
More clearly.

Copyright©2002 by Alvin G. Ens