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Charlie Van Gorkom

About this Christian Poet:
Charles Van Gorkom is an artist/poet living in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Charles has been published in a number of small magazines and journals. He has won awards for his writings, which have included scripts and commercials for television, as well as being published in the text-book poetry anthology, Country Of The Risen King. Of his poetry and art, Charles says, "I worship God with a north-coast rain-forest soul."

This Evening

This evening
I picked ripe,
red, raspberries
   in a gentle summer rain.

The hay was new-mown
and baled in fields,
golden green,
gently rolling
hillock by hillock
down from my raspberry
   bordered garden

to where silent spruce
and tall cottonwoods
stood dripping in rows,
trailing up,
like tired swimmers
from the river,
the clear, swift flowing,
   salmon swollen river.

And gentle rain fell.
I picked
ripe, red, raspberries
   in the rain.

Somewhere, they say,
   is a drought,
somewhere a war,
   a rout,
somewhere, they say,
children are dying,
   I know nothing about.

Could I be allowed
this gift tonight:
the deepening twilight,
the red raspberries
   I picked ripe,
   in this gentle,
      summer rain?

                   Copyright©2002 by Charles Van Gorkom