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Leanne Panjer

About this Christian Poet:
Leanne Panjer lives in Calgary, Alberta. She has been writing ever since she could hold a pen, but only gave herself permission to call herself a "writer" three years ago. Writing and recording songs for the group she sings with has taken the a lot of her writing time, but she has had poems and stories published in various publications, the most recent being Canadian Living Magazine. Her passion is fiction, short story or novel length. A completed book sits on her desk, and she is quick to say that writing it has been the most exciting thing she has ever done.


Self-doubt, cancer of confidence,
master of mutilating monologues of the mind.
Scars of a constrained spirit
coil my legs,
thick as umbilical cord,
condemning me to hobble
in social circles.

Special shoes with raised platforms
made to fit the mouth,
crutches of ineptitude
hitting chairs,
knocking people off their pedestals.

Stronger than ego
braces of steel save me
long after I have crumbled...

Treading eggshells and needles
and complex dispositions
on distressed arthritic feet,
vapid conversations feebly clutched
in palsied arms,

I slip quietly beneath the surface
to greater depths

and lose my breath.

                   Copyright©2003 by Leanne Panjer