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Faith Lewis Moffatt

About this Christian Poet:
Faith Lewis Moffatt lives in Oakville, Ontario and writes mostly in prose. She admits to a bias towards poetry that scans and has a rhyming pattern. In 1978 she won a prize for a poem she submitted to The Salmon Arm Sonnet-Writing Contest.


When day beneath sun's blanket stretches long
And sights and sounds are liquid on the tongue,
When birds spend golden notes and flowers their scents
And summer's opening chapter is begun

Each day I mete my minutes out among
A dozen clamouring suitors for my time,
And at day's end begrudge the greedy night
Her share of this close-measured hoard of mine.

But as the warmth of summer casts its spell,
Drunk with my riches, lulled by the sun's long rays,
I squander hours. Then lengthening shadows fall
Across the growing grass and dwindling days.

The daylight shortens, and too soon the air
Sharpens to cut the aging flowers down.
From summer's closing book the last leaves fall
To their last resting place upon the stiffening ground.

Though loath to leave the languorous days, I learn
That summer's sequel has its beauty too.
And treasured time while lessening grows more dear
As dividends of grace and peace come due.

Copyright©2002 by Faith Lewis Moffatt