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Marcia Lee Laycock

About this Christian Poet:
Marcia is a pastor's wife, mother of three and a freelance writer. She has written a devotional column, The Spur (Hebrews 10:24), for over 10 years and has just launched her new devotional book, The Spur of the Moment. More of Marcia's work can be seen at www.vinemarc.com


I was taught
to cup my hands
to receive
His body for my soul
held within
a small circle of white
wafer thin
on my tongue
But it would attach itself
too well to
the roof of my mouth.
It made me gag.
And my tongue became
a worry to it
peeled it away even
as it melted
His body spurned by my soul
I dropped my hands
resisted ritual and
rites of redemption
became a jagged stone
in a stream filled with pebbles
worn smooth by currents of
Exposed to elements of life
lightening and storm,
scarred by their searing
I returned,
arms raised, hands
His body for my soul
And the stone crumbled
released into the river
I receive Him
Body of Christ

Copyright©2002 by Marcia Lee Laycock