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Ev Heffernan

About this Christian Poet:
Ev Heffernan lives in Alberta, Canada. She started winning awards for her poetry in grade school, but quit writing as a young adult. Later, after her two children were born, she was encouraged to start writing poetry again as a way of processing life. She went back to university to further study literature and poetry and hone her craft. Ev has since been widely published in Canada and the United States. She has won contests, gained recognition and been a featured speaker at a poetry gathering. She has also been hired to judge poetry contests.

Satiated Sorrow

In the morning the kitchen fills with the
bang and clatter of pans
oven hot, bursting with possibilities
in the background a marriage
bone-stripped marrow of disillusionment
her hands find solace in dough
kneading out her pain
to the rhythm of rising yeast
cookies fertile drops of blood
carefully spaced on the baking sheet
the birthing sheet
the sheets in the bedroom
sterile with tears
baked to the temperature
of her sighs
lust is also kneaded out in dough
batter tender with unfulfilled desires
fill the kitchen with rich poignant smells
the only sweet savor she encounters

The afternoon escorts in the tasting time
escape to the bedroom
to slip into
cherished dresses
that only get their airing now
her waistline once thin
enough to fit the curve
of her husband’s arm
attests to her new first love
tarts and cookies,
breads and puddings
that now caress her from inside

Copyright©2002 by Ev Heffernan