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R.S. Williams

Honorable Mention: 2017 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
R.S. Williams is a poet, technologist and mountain enthusiast living in Colorado. He often finds inspiration while hiking in the Colorado Rockies and is currently working on a book length project. This work will represent his experiences in the high country and the way it often reflects the dynamic adventures as an apprentice of Christ.  

Winter Solstice

Four Seventeen. Summit skylines pull the sun from a soaring perch. 
          I set out alone,
wrapped in the dark scarf of a winter solstice, listening deeply
                         as snowflakes tell all their secrets.
               Crystal words wrapped in night hush.
                           shhhhh. they say. shhhhh.

Street lamps drop parabolas caught in vertical parallax,   
            aural shapes
     ride the accents of humidity, bending  
                         beneath the weight of a long winter burn.
               Half orb, half light, falling like fruit
                                                  from incandescent orchards.
The world hibernates desolate,
               sound slices through the molecules of night.
          Dark feathers on a black wing carry from a distant rise.
     A cross town train rails against the quiet,
                                                      a slow whistle loses the war.
          Silence quickens the ears, stillness stirs the soul, 
                    embracing both becomes a discipline. 
            Cultivate those margins ol' boy,
                                                       cultivate those margins. 

Be still and know, You
                    say in this silence. 
     Consciousness quickens inexplicable. A breath closer
              than my own gathers me in to steal me away.
         Every crystal falls unique 
                                        as does Your love.
          Sculpted symmetry fixed in perfection, knitting 
                                   purpose to heart, a provision 
                     laid before the birth of the cosmos. 

Copyright ©2017 by R.S. Williams