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Maura J. Merrigan

Second Prize Rhyming: 2017 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $200

About this Christian Poet:
I am a wife, mother of two and a teacher for 30 years. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, I graduated from NYU and I began teaching in New York City, finishing my career overseas, now residing in Spain. I have recently retired early, my husband and I serve in our church helping various ministries and I enjoy hiking, traveling, singing and writing—mainly songs and poetry.

Counting Blessings

Life has been rough to make ends meet
No more frills, never mind the treats
Put a log fire and warm my feet
to save on heat, to save on heat

We walk each day preserving gas
or bike to work and jog to class
Quite the troublesome daunting task
to make things last, to make things last

We water down the full fat drinks
No wash machines, we use the sink
Forget designer clothes with mink
What will they think? What will they think?

Medical, gas and grocery bills
The hand-me-downs from old goodwill
It's such a tiring trial uphill
I now stand still, I now stand still

I hear in silence that small still voice
Why, you don't need some old Rolls-Royce
Contentment is the wise one's choice
Always rejoice, always rejoice!

We have our health and have a home
Family and friends where children roam
Before we blink they'll all be grown
We're not alone, we're not alone

Now we learned some precious lessons
Gratefulness and prayerful sessions 
We serve God the best profession
Counting blessings, counting blessings!

Copyright ©2017 by Maura J. Merrigan