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Kira Larsen

Honorable Mention: 2016 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Poet:
Kira Larsen is a poet with roots in free verse, who likes to explore emotional as well as humorous zones. She earned a degree in Creative Writing in 2010 and has just completed her second juvenile novel written in free verse.

About this Poem:
“then” was written spontaneously in one sitting. Rich in musical sounds, yet using the space of the page, it originates from the author’s experience with God as a comforting, strengthening, and guiding God.


You put your
soft hand on top of my
baby-soft softly dented
head and you

you don’t
push down, you just say “hush

and I
find that

i get up i get up i get up
again. And you say to me, then, you say,

“See, see I said
everything would be
as it is with me”

and I
fall asleep and
when i
i get up i get up, i get up


the days look different
again. You hold my
soft hand in your
warm big
one and you

you stop saying things,


Copyright ©2016 Kira Larsen