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Kendra Songer

Honorable Mention: 2016 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Poet:
Literature, poetry and music have always been the tools I use to escape from the constant urgency of the world. Last year I rediscovered that besides devouring books I could also still write. After years of pursuing other avenues (namely raising children), I remembered how good words taste on my tongue and resolved to overcome fear and put myself out there. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my husband and six mostly grown children who now find my guidance less and less necessary, therefore giving me time to pursue my own passions.

About this Poem:
This poem came about as I wrestled with whether having been given a gift of words meant that God really meant for me to use it. Was I really called out into what was unknown territory to me, or was I supposed to be pursuing those things in my life that were already clear where I felt confident.

Slingshot or Tent Pegs

I want to believe I heard the calling where
pathway and purpose travel together.
Feet set to trod the journey towards that
city Abraham too followed,
but my ankles are tangled with vines
of fear
latching anxious feet to what seems steadfast.
The path less-traveled proves to be the right direction for
nomads called,
but the sure path through safe also
guides to correct destinations.
Fear can mark a journey far from the master compass,
like Sarah putting her hope and then her anger into Hagar
or Jonah determined to follow his own map,
a detour that first swims through fish guts
to finally heed the correct direction.
The sure step is the right direction but
sometimes the desert walk where weakness wears out sandals
until bare feet stand on holy ground is required.
How do I know if I should be like David with a slingshot and brave words
or Paul with a passion and tent pegs in my pocket.

Copyright ©2015 Kendra Songer